Portland Cement Problems After Skim Coating A Patio Slab

Let's Learn About the Right vs. Wrong Way to Resurface Existing Concrete Patio Surfaces I received this email from Trisha asking me: I have encountered a problem on my patio. After much research your website was the only one that made it clear there was a difference between concrete and cement. We have a slab in our back yard (like a river rock … [Read more...]

Tips For Repairing Broken Terra Cotta, Clay, Or Concrete Garden Art Items

Helpful Tips To Ensure More Successful Repairs I received an email the other day from garden art friend Louisa G. who was kind enough to share some very helpful ideas pertaining to repairing broken garden art items (or anything else you might have around the house that needs to be stuck back together, for that matter). Whether you are using a … [Read more...]

Can I Use Hypertufa To Repair Cracking Concrete In My Garden Pond

Hypertufa Can Be Used To Repair ConcreteBut There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind I received this email: My 14-year old pond is showing signs of wear ... the initial waterfall & trough were made of dyed concrete supplemented with mountain rocks. The concrete has some cracks and the mortar between the rocks is pulling away. Can hypertufa be … [Read more...]

Help! I Broke The Head Off A Statue! How To Repair?

Concrete Statue RepairHow To Reattach A Broken Concrete Statue Head I received an email asking for help: I accidentely knocked the head off of a statue. :( Is there anything I can use to reattach it? It was my late Mother's and I really need to fix it. Thank you for your answer. Irene My reply: Hi Irene: Thank you for contacting me and I … [Read more...]