Water Absorbing Crystals For Container Garden Soil

How to Increase Moisture in Container Garden Soil I thought I'd talk about a great product you may not have heard of before - water crystals, aka water gel - that can make your outdoor container gardening watering requirements a bit easier. These little white granules are a type of absorbent polymer that can absorb up to 400 or 500 times their … [Read more...]

Dish Gardening – A Fun DIY Project For Young & Old

Miniature Dish Garden How-tos Dish gardening is quite a popular hobby. Have you ever tried to make one? If not, I’ll walk you through the basic steps (it’s really not difficult at all to do!). But first, I received a nice email awhile back from Pearl who wrote: Hi ... I've been working on garden miniatures for garden dishes. Been having a … [Read more...]

Container Water Garden With Koi – Is This A Good Idea?

A Condo Owner Would Like A Water Feature On Her Porch And Asks How She Can Make One I recevied an email from Jean asking me: I would like to do a container garden with plants and koi on my porch. I live in a condo and I'd like to do one that is made with clear or semi-clear glass so I can enjoy both the fish and the plants when I'm on my … [Read more...]