Do-It-Yourself Tomato Cage – Make One With Copper Tubing

Those Whimpy (And Ugly!) Wire Tomato Cages Really Aren't Big Enough Or Strong Enough! So let's make good looking, sturdy and long lasting cages from copper tubing! Right after I posted the Copper Trellis Project the other day, I received a nice email from Odile saying: Hi Claudia, I have been a subscriber to your Artistic Gardener newsletter and … [Read more...]

A Copper Trellis Project

How About A Copper Trellis For Your Garden? Need a nifty idea on how to make an attractive looking trellis for your tomato or viney-type plants? Use copper tubing that you can find at any "big box" store or plumbing supply store. The neat thing about copper is that if you don't coat it with a clear sealant, it'll get a wonderful greenish patina … [Read more...]