Woman Wields Welding Torch To Make Garden Art

Metal Garden Art Fish Welded by an Alaskan Female Gardener - You Go Girl! I love it when I see women break away from fearing heavy-duty type industrial equipment like welding torches! Yeah, I don't care what is said about "we've come a long way, baby!" in terms of women's lib (is that terminology dating me, or what?? Yes ... I did march up 5th … [Read more...]

A Decorative Paint Finish To Revive A 100-Year Old Jug

A Reader Asks For Ideas To Repaint A Very Old Water Jug I received an email from Yogesh, asking for help with trying his hand at applying a decorative paint technique of some sort to a 100-year old pot he really wanted to repaint. That first email didn't have enough information for me to properly answer him, so I asked him to email me again with … [Read more...]

Decorative Paint Tip For Concrete Planter

What Kind Of Paint Can I Use For A Tuscan Look On My Grey Concrete Planter? Gabby emailed me asking: Hello, can you help me find the right type of paint for a large concrete planter? It is grey concrete and I want to achieve a tuscan look. Also where do I buy this paint? Thank you sooooo much ... Gabby My reply: Hi Gabby: I will be … [Read more...]

Does Sealing The Inside Of Clay Pots Affect The Plants?

A Concerned Crafter Asks What Paint Product SealantsAre Recommended For Garden Pots I received an email from Beth asking: First of all I have to tell you I absolutely love your website. I just found it yesterday and am really enjoying all of your information. Question ... does sealing the inside of clay or terra cotta pots affect the plants at … [Read more...]