Is It Feline Rhinotracheitis? Or Allergies? Or What??

Part #3 - Final Update (For Now) On The Saga Of AlyssumAnd Our Battle With "Suspected" Feline Rhinotracheitis I've been behind in posting this update on Alyssum's battle with what we think might be feline rhinotracheitis. This herpes virus is one stinkin' bugger to definitively diagnose which makes it frustrating for vets and pet owners. … [Read more...]

Is It Feline Rhinotracheitis? Continuing Alyssum's Story

Part #2 - How "Suspected" Feline Rhinotracheitis Manifested Its Nasty Stinkin' Self In My Poor Cat Yesterday I posted the introduction about my beloved Tonkinese cat Alyssum, and how the vet and I think she has been battling the #%%@@# #@@!$!% [bleep - bleep] herpes virus called feline rhinotracheitis for the last two weeks. Let me interject … [Read more...]

Miss Alyssum Is Sick – Feline Rhinotracheitis Might Be the Culprit

My Adventures in Dealing with a Suspected Outbreak Of Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis It's been a very emotionally hard and draining two weeks here at my house. I've had the crummy experience of possibly being introduced into the sad and frustrating world of "feline rhinotracheitis". Rhinotracheitis is a wonderful (I'm being sarcastic) variety of … [Read more...]