How Much Liquid Fortifier To Use In Hypertufa & Concrete Recipes

Admixes? Liquid Fortifiers? Acrylic Strengtheners?What Is Their Purpose and How Much To Add To Your Hypertufa and Concrete Recipes I get emails quite often asking me about "liquid fortifiers" and exactly what are they, what do they "do", and how much should be put into a 'tufa or concrete recipe. So, today I'll share what I do know about using … [Read more...]

Selling Your Hypertufa Garden Art

How Much Can I Charge for My Homemade Hypertufa Garden Art Items? I get asked this question on a pretty regular basis. and just the other day I received another private email asking me about this, so I thought I'd put the question and my reply here for everyone to learn from. … [Read more...]

Concrete Calculator – How To Figure Ingredient Quantities

How to Calculate Amount of Portland Cement and Other Ingredients for Garden Art Projects I received an email the other day from Tess asking me: Hi! We are going to try to make a 4 ft diameter millstone garden fountain out of hypertufa. I believe your recipe for the Hypertufa Recipe With Fiber Mesh for Added Strength is the way to go. Any idea … [Read more...]

Woman Wields Welding Torch To Make Garden Art

Metal Garden Art Fish Welded by an Alaskan Female Gardener - You Go Girl! I love it when I see women break away from fearing heavy-duty type industrial equipment like welding torches! Yeah, I don't care what is said about "we've come a long way, baby!" in terms of women's lib (is that terminology dating me, or what?? Yes ... I did march up 5th … [Read more...]

Wooden Garden Gate Idea Using Large Branches

A DIY Idea for Constructing a Wooden Garden Gate - An Element of Functional Art for Your Garden Hey everyone. I've had this photo in my files for some time now (yup - I save up photos as I stumble upon them if I think they'll be of interest to y'all ;) ) and am trying to clean up my "to be filed" folder. I decided to post this today because for a … [Read more...]

Where To Find Silica Fume & Poly Fibers

Sometimes These 2 Ingredients are Hard to Get Your Hands On I often get asked by many hypertufa and concrete garden art enthusiasts where to find "silica fume" and "poly fibers", also referred to as "fiber mesh". Depending where you live, it may or may not be very easy to lay your hands on this stuff. … [Read more...]

Garden Art Project – How To Paint Bowling Balls

Garden Art Or Junk Art ...Painted Bowling Balls Are Really A Fun & Funky Look In the Garden I recevied this email from Freddie who asked: I found your website by accident and I love it. I love trying new garden art projects, especially junk garden art! I have tried to make garden spheres many times....some came out better than others....and this … [Read more...]

Where Can I Buy Perlite For My Hypertufa Recipe?

Finding A Store That Sells Perlite Is Not Too Difficult I received an email from Gabriella asking: Hi Claudia, I was wondering if your Hypertufa How-To eBook includes sources for supplies? I am having a hard time finding perlite. Thanks, Gabriella My reply: Hi Gabriella: Thanks for contacting me - I can help steer you in the right driection to … [Read more...]