Exploding Hollow Concrete Spheres!!

How Temperature Caused a Hollow Sphere Project to Literally Blow Up! I received an email from Sue, who wanted to share with me this rather interesting bit of info: You are my hero! I've been after the instructions on duplicating Little & Lewis spheres for a year! I did some on my own and they exploded on my driveway (cold ball from house, 90 … [Read more...]

Hollow Garden Sphere Mold Question

Please Explain Deflatable Balls for Making Hypertufa or Concrete Hollow Garden Spheres I received an email from Debbie asking me: In the instructions given for the Hypertufa Hollow Garden Sphere, one of the materials needed was a deflatable ball. Can you advise me where I would get such a ball? What size does it come in and what type material is … [Read more...]

Hypertufa & Concrete Hollow Garden Sphere Project – When To Deflate The Ball

When Should I Deflate The Ball When MakingA Hypertufa Or Concrete Hollow Garden Sphere? I received an email from Charlotte who asked: Did I miss something in understanding the concrete and hypertufa garden spheres instructions? Doesn't the ball have to be deflated? If so - at what point? I'm so new at this that I would probably make a really … [Read more...]

Thinset Mortar Sphere – Can I Float It In Water?

Can I float a mortar sphere in water? How long will it last? I received an email from Michelle asking: I have made a hollow large (exercise ball size) sphere using a thin-set polymer-fortified mortar. Once the sphere is sealed, can it be placed in a pond - how long would it last? I'd love to see it float My reply: Hi Michelle: About a floating … [Read more...]