Large Hypertufa or Concrete Leaf – Reinforcement Options?

What Can Be Used to Add Inner Reinforcement to Large Hypertufa and Concrete Leaf Castings? I received an email from Jill M. asking me: Hi Claudia, I get your emails about gardening, concrete projects and many other things. I have a time sensitive question that I am hoping you can address either personally or in one of your mass mailings. There … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Project – How Can I Make A Basin For A Birdbath?

A New Hypertufa Project Enthusiast Asks For Birdbath Basin Ideas Annie emailed me and asked: I have recently made some minature hypertufa birdbaths and now want to try a larger project. I LOVE the idea of using large leaves with a hypertufa recipe and wondered how to go about shaping the birdbath' s bowl and other things like that. I think I … [Read more...]