Hypertufa Project Disaster! Was It the Old Peat Moss?

After 13 Years of Hypertufa Success ... Disaster Strikes! Why?? Cinda emailed me today and asked: Hi Claudia ... I have been following your site for almost 2 years and finally have a question. I moved and it's been over a year since I've been able to make some hypertufa projects. I have been playing with hypertufa for over 13 years. I JUST made a … [Read more...]

Selling Your Hypertufa Garden Art

How Much Can I Charge for My Homemade Hypertufa Garden Art Items? I get asked this question on a pretty regular basis. and just the other day I received another private email asking me about this, so I thought I'd put the question and my reply here for everyone to learn from. … [Read more...]

Concrete Calculator – How To Figure Ingredient Quantities

How to Calculate Amount of Portland Cement and Other Ingredients for Garden Art Projects I received an email the other day from Tess asking me: Hi! We are going to try to make a 4 ft diameter millstone garden fountain out of hypertufa. I believe your recipe for the Hypertufa Recipe With Fiber Mesh for Added Strength is the way to go. Any idea … [Read more...]

How-to Tips For Making Hypertufa Flagstones For A Patio

D-I-Y Hypertufa Flagstone Project Questions I received an email from a sweet lady named P.J. asking me about how doable a "large" DIY hypertufa flagstone project might be and I think lots of you can benefit from her questions and my answers. So here goes: Hi Claudia, I love your website and blog and I have been reading all your info about … [Read more...]

I Tried Hypertufa But My Project Crumbled Apart!

A Frustrated Hypertufa Trough Maker Seeks Helpful Advice I received an email this week asking me: A friend and I tried one of your basic hypertufa recipes without adding the fiber mesh. Our results are very crumbly. I think we goofed by not using it, right? Where does one find fiber mesh? NewLearner --------------- My reply: Hi … [Read more...]

Where To Find Silica Fume & Poly Fibers

Sometimes These 2 Ingredients are Hard to Get Your Hands On I often get asked by many hypertufa and concrete garden art enthusiasts where to find "silica fume" and "poly fibers", also referred to as "fiber mesh". Depending where you live, it may or may not be very easy to lay your hands on this stuff. … [Read more...]

Hollow Garden Sphere Mold Question

Please Explain Deflatable Balls for Making Hypertufa or Concrete Hollow Garden Spheres I received an email from Debbie asking me: In the instructions given for the Hypertufa Hollow Garden Sphere, one of the materials needed was a deflatable ball. Can you advise me where I would get such a ball? What size does it come in and what type material is … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Boulders For A Waterfall Construction

Hypertufa Rocks ProjectMaking Hypertufa Boulders for a Waterfall I received an email from Carole M. asking me: Could hypertufa be used to create boulders to be used on a waterfall on a pool? We built one that needs help. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Using Hypertufa To Resurface Flaking Terra Cotta

A Reader Asks If She Can Successfully Use HypertufaTo Bring New Life To Her Strawberry Jar I received an email from Lael asking me: I have a terracotta strawberry jar that is flaking off on the surface. I want to cover it with hypertufa. I would use about 1/2" to 1" layer, and leave the jar in place. Do you think that would work? I love your site … [Read more...]

Massive Hypertufa Rock Installation

More About Marjin's Use Of Hypertufa Rocks for His Alpine Garden Installation A couple of days ago I posted about one awe inspiring use of hypertufa for a garden wall and house and alert blog reader Nancy did some nosing around on the internet (thanks, Nancy!) and found a link to the crafter's website www.v-d-brink.eu and there happens to be a … [Read more...]