How to Make Sure Embellishments Won't Fall Out

Hypertufa & Concrete Projects Tip How to Make Embedded Items Stay Stuck! I received an email from Julie asking me: Hi, my friend and I made our first hypertufa batches the other night, using a couple of your recipes, and want to make more. My question: I want to put some glass stones and other things like nails on the outside of some pots and … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Projects Tips – Skim Coating Vertical Walls

Can Hypertufa Really Be Used As A Top Coat On A Vertical Wall? I recevied an email from Donna asking me a simple question: Can hypertufa be used to face a vertical wall? My reply: Hi Donna: Thanks for asking me about this, and yes! You sure can use hypertufa to face a wall. This would certainly be a very doable hypertufa project that shouldn't … [Read more...]

Can I Use Hypertufa For Making A Waterfall?

Is Hypertufa Waterproof?Can It Be Exposed To Water 24/7? Ken emailed and asked: Is hypertufa a good choice for construction material for a waterfall? Is it waterproof enough to withstand the constant exposure to water? Because of it's easy use, I would like to build the spillways out of hypertufa. Please advise. My reply: Hello Ken: Thank you … [Read more...]

Where Can I Buy Perlite For My Hypertufa Recipe?

Finding A Store That Sells Perlite Is Not Too Difficult I received an email from Gabriella asking: Hi Claudia, I was wondering if your Hypertufa How-To eBook includes sources for supplies? I am having a hard time finding perlite. Thanks, Gabriella My reply: Hi Gabriella: Thanks for contacting me - I can help steer you in the right driection to … [Read more...]

Can I Use Hypertufa To Repair Cracking Concrete In My Garden Pond

Hypertufa Can Be Used To Repair ConcreteBut There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind I received this email: My 14-year old pond is showing signs of wear ... the initial waterfall & trough were made of dyed concrete supplemented with mountain rocks. The concrete has some cracks and the mortar between the rocks is pulling away. Can hypertufa be … [Read more...]

Can I Make A Raised Design On My Hypertufa Pot?

How Do I Sculpt And Carve Into Wet Hypertufa? A reader asked: On your Artistic-Garden website under 'Painting Techniques' there is a close-up photo showing verdigris colouration. There is a design on the planter. How did you accomplish this? And, is there any other way to decorate a hypertufa pot except by painting it? Can you draw on it … [Read more...]

Can I Cure Hypertufa In My Basement?

A Reader Asks About Curing Her Hypertufa ProjectDuring Cold Winter Months "Beaverlake" asked me: Your DIY garden art projects website is great!! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us newbies. I made my first hypertufa trough a few weeks ago at a workshop my garden club held. Now my head is spinning with ideas, but now it is … [Read more...]

How Do I Make An Aged Looking Hypertufa Trough?

Aging A Hypertufa Trough With Moss Note: the information about growing moss also pertains to almost any porous material - such as clay or terra cotta pots. I received this email from Stephen who asked: Dear Artistic Gardner: This is from Sheffield England. Please could you advise me on the "wooden former", concrete mix, possible wall … [Read more...]

What Is Hypertufa? Hypertufa Ingredients Explained

What In the Heck Is This Stuff Called 'Hypertufa' ?? I received an email asking: Help me please! I am wondering if you can describe hypertufa to me -- like how it feels, looks, etc. I am doing a report about the Roman Coliseum and the interior was made partly with 'tufa and I need to describe it so can you help? I replied: Hi: First, let … [Read more...]

Painting Hypertufa Tips

How Do I Paint My Hypertufa Sphere? Korenv posted and asked me: Hello, I've just completed my hypertufa sphere project, as per your hollow sphere instructions on The-Artistic-Garden website. It's in the process of curing. I made one before this using a liquid cement colorant, which was alright, but a little drab. On my current sphere, I'd like … [Read more...]