How Much Liquid Fortifier To Use In Hypertufa & Concrete Recipes

Admixes? Liquid Fortifiers? Acrylic Strengtheners?What Is Their Purpose and How Much To Add To Your Hypertufa and Concrete Recipes I get emails quite often asking me about "liquid fortifiers" and exactly what are they, what do they "do", and how much should be put into a 'tufa or concrete recipe. So, today I'll share what I do know about using … [Read more...]

I Tried Hypertufa But My Project Crumbled Apart!

A Frustrated Hypertufa Trough Maker Seeks Helpful Advice I received an email this week asking me: A friend and I tried one of your basic hypertufa recipes without adding the fiber mesh. Our results are very crumbly. I think we goofed by not using it, right? Where does one find fiber mesh? NewLearner --------------- My reply: Hi … [Read more...]

A Hypertufa Recipe's #1 Cause For Failure – Water!

Avoiding Project Mishaps When Adding Water To Your Dry Hypertufa Ingredients Without a doubt, the amount of water mixed in with the dry hypertufa recipe's ingredients is the most critical and determining factor of success or failure! Let's call it your "make it or break it" ingredient. Why do I say this, you ask? Well ... Nearly every crafter … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Recipe Without The Peat Moss

What Is A Good Substitution For Peat Moss?It Is An Environmental "No-No" In The UK I received an email from Mike who asked: I am very interested in your excellent web site and in particular hypertufa recipes and projects. I am based in the UK and peat is a big "no-no" environmentally. Can you recommend a peat substitute for hypertufa recipes? … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Recipes Tip – Help! I Can't Find Peat Moss

How Important Is Peat Moss In A Hypertufa Recipe?Is It OK to Substitute Another Kind Of Moss?? I received an email in late winter from Becky asking: Claudia, Thank you so much for writing the Hypertufa How-To eBook as you did an outstanding job! So much info to pour over. It is a great resource guide for newbies like me. I can't wait to get … [Read more...]

Where Can I Buy Perlite For My Hypertufa Recipe?

Finding A Store That Sells Perlite Is Not Too Difficult I received an email from Gabriella asking: Hi Claudia, I was wondering if your Hypertufa How-To eBook includes sources for supplies? I am having a hard time finding perlite. Thanks, Gabriella My reply: Hi Gabriella: Thanks for contacting me - I can help steer you in the right driection to … [Read more...]