What is Hypertufa??

Hypertufa ... A Mud-Pie Recipe That Is Used to Make All Sorts of Garden Art Objects Hypertufa is perfect for making long lasting garden troughs (plant containers), fake rocks and boulders, stepping stones, wonderfully whimsical garden spheres and all sorts of decorative garden accents. Smooth it over a form … [Read more...]

I Tried Hypertufa But My Project Crumbled Apart!

A Frustrated Hypertufa Trough Maker Seeks Helpful Advice I received an email this week asking me: A friend and I tried one of your basic hypertufa recipes without adding the fiber mesh. Our results are very crumbly. I think we goofed by not using it, right? Where does one find fiber mesh? NewLearner --------------- My reply: Hi … [Read more...]

Using Hypertufa To Resurface Flaking Terra Cotta

A Reader Asks If She Can Successfully Use HypertufaTo Bring New Life To Her Strawberry Jar I received an email from Lael asking me: I have a terracotta strawberry jar that is flaking off on the surface. I want to cover it with hypertufa. I would use about 1/2" to 1" layer, and leave the jar in place. Do you think that would work? I love your site … [Read more...]

Incredible Hypertufa House & Garden Wall

If You've Wondered How Durable Hypertufa Really Is ...Take A Look At These Photos While doing some research the other day that had nothing to do with hypertufa, I came across a search result that caught my attention, clicked on it and started to scan everything that was posted there. The photos and comments centered around a conference that took … [Read more...]