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Should I Paint The Inside And/Or Outside?

I received an email from Marie asking:

If preparing a terra cotta pot for painting to be used outdoors, do you need to spray the sealer on the inside and on the outside of the pot? Marie

My reply:

Hello Marie:
Thank you for contacting me and I will be happy to answer your question. I do suggest you also refer back to the article I wrote about all the basic how-tos regarding how to paint terra cotta.

When I prepare a clean terra cotta pot to be painted and to which I will be adding dirt and plants, I will spray 3-coats of a clear sealer on the inside of the pot, but will use a base coat of whatever color acrylic or latex paint I choose for the outside of the pot.

But, you certainly could use a clear sealer on the outside, as well. And you could certainly just brush on paint on the inside, as opposed to the clear sealer. Many people use paint for the interior.

I just usually brush on a neutral color on the outside for my base coat, normally an off-white if I’m painting lighter colors, or a darker base coat if I’m doing something like a verdigris faux finish.

Just be aware though, that paint and/or a sealer will never allow your pot to hold up through wintertime freeze and thaws, especially if it is a cheaper quality terra cotta. I think you’ll find the information I have about winterizing container garden pots useful and a worthwhile read.

And yes … I remove all my terra cotta pots from the garden during the winter months and place them in a protected area.  😉

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