Terra Cotta Pot Dog Project

DIY Garden Art Crafts Project Using New or Old Clay or Terra Cotta Pots

Arf! Arf! …. How Do I Make A Pot Dog?

I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me to explain how to make the clay pot dog as you see here, so I thought it was about time I add the instructions to my website to make the how-tos available for anyone interested.

I have hesitated in adding this project, as the “secret” to everything staying together exactly like you see it here, is this: the dog has an inner, welded re-bar frame. Very few of us have access to welding equipment. But then again, most all the DIY-ers I know are very ingenious people, so I will offer this terra cotta pot dog instructions as I learned them from a friend who happens to own this little pot dog.

Clay Pot Dog

As I mentioned, this cute clay pot dog belongs to my friend. She wanted to try her hand at making a pot animal, but had no clue about how she could make a strong enough frame. So, her son-in-law (who has welding expertise) surprised her with the welded frame one day.

He told her he got to thinking about it, sketched out a few ideas and voila! He made the rebar frame in two pieces, as shown in this diagram.

Though I believe you can get a good idea of how the shape of the frame relates to the finished pot dog shown up above, I will guess that you might be scratching your head wondering “but how the heck is everything held together?”

Pot Dog metal frame example

Good question! And herein lies another bit of a challenge to this project — how to keep this little pot dog firmly connected. Please keep reading and I’ll tell you 😉

Guidelines: How It Was Put Together

Glue and well … Some Patience 🙂

For easy reference, I will post the terra cotta pot dog photo again. Keep referring to it while you read through the directions. Remember, the instructions I offer here are bare bones … your imagination and crafting skills need to take over!

Clay Pot Dog

Materials Needed For This Dog Will Be:

  • Welded rebar frame OR glued & nailed wooden frame (I suggest using treated lumber for longevity of frame)
  • Liquid Nails, Rhino Ultra Glue, or similar extremely strong, waterproof glue
  • Various sized new or used terra cotta / clay pots (refer to photo to help judge number of small, medium & large pots)
  • Broken pieces of pot to use as fillers
  • Last but not least … imagination and patience 🙂

Constructing the Clay Pot Dog:

  1. Whatever material you use for your frame, I’d make sketches, take measurements and such before you start cutting the pieces needed. If using wood, yes, you are going to have to think about how to securely join the all the pieces together. **You will not have success with a rickety frame (this is why a welded rebar frame works so well).
  2. The pots are slipped over the respective parts of the frame; they are glued into place.
  3. When the glue is dry on all the pots on either section, THEN you will glue the rims of the BODY together.
  4. Camouflage where the legs join the body with broken bits and pieces of clay pot, glued in place.
  5. Ears & Nose: You can make two similar (broken) pieces of terra cotta for ears; glue together a few little broken pieces for a nose. Glue the ears and nose onto the dog’s head.
  6. Optional: you may have to enlarge some of the drain holes in order to slide them over the parts of your frame, especially if you have constructed a wooden frame. You will need a drill bit meant for drilling ceramic or terra cotta. **You might want to practice on a pot not meant for this project, to get the hang of enlargening a hole.
  7. Finish off by adding dirt and a trailing plant, or maybe painting or staining the dog; maybe add a bandana, etc.

That’s it. I cannot be any more specific than this, as my friend is artistically inclined, and she put this little dog together in record time. And I am attempting to pass on her instructions as best I can.

In addition, I am sure there are a few other ways that this little pot dog could be constructed, where possibly the body part could be separate from the legs. Again, with super strong waterproof glue, everything could be stuck together.

I Wish You Good Luck With This Project! And remember … there’s almost no “wrong” or “right” way to build your Clay Pot Dog. Have Fun!

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