Vote For Kid Art Finalists In Google's "Doodle 4 Google" Contest

Ok, this isn’t garden art related at all, but it’s ART related for sure! 😉

Hey – Google (yes that #1 most used search engine) is having a fun contest for one child’s doodle art to end up on their home page May 21st. That’ll be a pretty neat honor for some talented kid.

Personally, I hope a younger child can beat out an older kid – like a kindergartener wins out over a 12th grader. Anyway … that’s just me (I like to root for the “little guy” not to make a sort-of pun here) but I’m getting off the subject, so back to what I was posting …

Here’s an example from the Grades K-3 division that I really like. I also like the student’s description of his doodle:

Name: Johnny Zuk – Age: 6 – MONROE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Monroe, CT

Music Brings Joy to the World
My doodle, “Music Brings Joy to Doodle” is what I wish for the world
because music makes everybody happy. In the world, all kinds of different people
have a favorite song because there is so many different types of music.

The public voting is NOW – May 11th – May 18th. Please take a minute and place a vote in each age group. You can see the doodle art and vote right here: Doodle Art Finalists.

I wish all the kids best Doodle Luck!

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