Wind Chime Made from a Coffee Cup or Tea Mug

A Really Cool Wind Chime Project

Hi everyone. I often come across really creative and not too hard to do garden art projects that I’d love to try to make, and I also know there must be lots of you out there who do have the the time and would like to make something new and unique.

coffee mug wind chime

So, I make note of each site where I found the project for my future reference. Plus.. you know … I can’t think-up every project in the world either, and passing along links to other people’s projects stays in line with my main reason for this blog – that I want to share fun and creative stuff with everyone. 🙂

Well, this coffee cup/tea mug wind chime project is just one of those projects that caught my eye.

This DIY project requires just a few items that may already be laying around in your craft box and garage, or are easy to find in a craft and hardware store, and without having to drill a hole in the cup … you’ll have a fabulous new garden art accessory to hang outside.

This idea comes from Kathy’s “Crafty Chica” blog. Read the entire post here:


  1. what a awesome idea !! my cupboard will definitely be a couple of mugs short now.

  2. Love this! Now what to do with the saucers besides bird feeders?

  3. I like it! I’m always saying we can’t throw old tea cups or mugs away, due to their unique ability to become garden art – but I hadn’t seen this one! Thanks for the post.


  4. Good question. Anybody have any creative ideas?


  1. Eddie says:

    […]Wind Chime Made from a Coffee Cup or Tea Mug | The-Artistic-Garden's Blog[…]…

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